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About Us

Success Coach Technologies (SCT) was founded by A.J Puedan, a seasoned and accomplished life coach, who has made it his mission to inspire entrepreneurs to create real and lasting change in their personal lives, and business ventures. For over 25 years, AJ has used his teaching expertise to motivate these individuals to take positive action with extraordinary results. His dynamic approach and successful track record have broadened his scope of influence from his virtual roots on the East Coast, all the way to the bright city lights of Las Vegas, Nevada. To learn more about our inspiring founder, who began his life’s work and purpose at just fourteen years old, please visit his Biography.

As in the case of most great stories, we here at SCT embarked on our venture via the stepping stones of humble beginnings, which have proudly directed us to create the industry leading program we have today! With a mere 30 students who were subjected to a rigorous combination of coaching, observation and interaction 5 days a week, we were able to obtain a very holistic outlook on these ‘30 reality shows’ and get to the bottom of the big picture for each of their respective lives. Roughly a decade later, we had over 1000 students who were enjoying the benefits of SCT’s programs, and decided that there was no greater time to put our pens to paper! We released our first book, “How to Coach a Fish.”

Over the years, we have truly come to realize and appreciate the abiding truth that the best way to learn is to teach, and as a result we have designed our programs in a way that encourages much group and/or individual audience participation. We are confident that anyone can learn, and that anyone can succeed against all odds! We focus largely on ‘train the trainer’ type programs, 1 on 1 consultations, private and group seminars, webinars, home study courses and interactive blogs. SCT takes great pleasure in being able to present and deliver powerful coaching techniques and strategies to home based businesses, small business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

A key component and major driving force behind the effort that we invest in our programs is seeing the immense impact and sense of fulfillment that our clients enjoy regularly! By implementing the techniques they have learned, they are now able to provide a lifestyle that is more conducive beneficial, to their family’s wants and needs, not just from a financial perspective, but from a time management standpoint as well. They have achieved the art of balance!! We have also seen these same positive results extend into their immediate communities, making the overall impact immeasurable!

No matter what your niche market as a business owner is, or your innovative idea behind that next great concept, let us be an integral part of fast tracking your success! Our services include:

  • Consultant and Coaching Skills
  • Hypnosis
  • Mindset and Personal Development
  • Speaker (Group Education) Training
  • Business Skills
  • Marketing, Sales, Productivity, Strategy, Management and More.

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